Here we are, Bricklog Labs – for Next-Gen Logistics.
An experience lab for students, young professionals, educators and experts.

The world has arrived at the 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. To compete with the markets, adoption of the developments of this revolution is not a question but a must. Think of internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), smart factories, cloud computing, big data, autonomous robots, etc. The development of new technologies is going fast and it is difficult to be aware of the most recent ones. So how do we ensure that we, and our customers, stay on top of the game regarding Industry 4.0?

Collecting, editing, and presenting data in Excel is nowadays seen as an outdated working method. Students and young professionals bring their knowledge about the latest technologies and the experts provide the additional practical knowledge. This golden combination ensures that theoretical pieces are translated, tested, and implemented in practice. The vision of Bricklog Labs is to showcase the “Transport Company of the Future” by ambitious, creative, driven, and curious students who are not afraid to get their hands dirty with the latest technologies arising from Industry 4.0.

This summer we’ll be setting up labs in Deflt and Enschede near campus. In our upcoming projects we’re focussing on the development of the “Warehouse of the Future” and exploring the world of artificial intelligence for logistics. And now we are looking for you!

That’s right, WE ARE HIRING. We’re offering you the chance to put your skills to action. No theorectical basis, just experiment in order to discover new possibilities. Keep moving forward! We’re not necessarily looking experts, we’re also offering you the chance to bolster your skills. Maybe you just completed a course in which you were able to gain knowledge in R and do you want to delve into this? Or have you always been curious about the influence of forecasting within a warehouse? So if you have or want hands-on experience, reach out!

What we're looking for

n.b. Keep checking back on this page, in the coming weeks we’ll be adding more information.

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Bricklog Labs Community

Join our showcase page on LinkedIn. Through this channel we keep you updated on all developments and it’s a great platform to share your ideas with us and each other!


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